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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

The word should is quite controversial. People are always saying you ‘should’ do this or you ‘should’ do that; but who’s really to say that you ‘should’ do anything, right? I’m sure you’ve been told things that you ‘should’ do that you disagree with or that you really just don’t want to do…..

& that is fine. You, your morals, your beliefs, & your natural personality will all help direct you to what you ACTUALLY feel like you ‘should’ do. The opinions of others can be irrelevant if you allow them to be.

However, there are a few topics, that no matter how much I sometimes disagree with the word ‘should’, I would say you definitely SHOULD do. Because they are simply just the right thing to do. One of them being –


Me & my beautiful mom

We DEFINITELY ‘should’ be doing that. It’s already confusing enough to be a woman. We personally give ourselves more hate & shame than any one person could ever attempt to do, so why would we make it harder on each other?

What’s with it with all of this body shame, jealousy, social media hate, judgement, & the list goes on… 

It’s unnecessary to put any of your negativity on any other person. If you choose to live in a state of negativity that is on YOU. Don’t go sharing it with others, they are not interested.

& you know that feeling  you get when another woman has accomplished what you want to accomplish?

When you feel happy for them, but you also feel just a little… bit… jealous?

You start to think, “well anyone can do that” or “she didn’t even deserve that” or “she just has a rich family” or “she was born with the perfect genetics”and the list goes on & on with so many suggestions that you tell yourself saying how life isn’t fair…

I’m here to say… let’s embrace that moment. The moment when the thought starts to arise, & let’s make a shift in our thinking.

Instead, let’s think thoughts like “she’s amazing. I am inspired by her and want to be the best I can be” or “she deserves that & more for all of her hard work” or “she was born into a great family, but I know success is a matter or resourcefulness, not resources, so what can I do to be more resourceful with what I have?” or “she’s beautiful, and so am I. All of God’s creations were created exactly the right way”

Do you feel the shift? Can you imagine how much happier & more alive you would feel if you turned another woman’s victories into your own motivation?

Be happy for her & congratulate her amazing accomplishments, & then focus on what you’re doing that’s bettering your own life. Don’t go into this dark path of all of the reasons why you’re not ‘good enough’. Who’s to say that anyway? 

What happens when women lift each other up.

  • You exude beauty from being so “put together” & kind

  • You stay in a positive mindset because your thoughts don’t wonder into lack

  • You have more friends because you’re not pushing them away with your jealousy

  • It brings out the best in you

  • You will feel generally more happy

  • You can make more real human connections

  • You show your strengths

  • You become unstoppable

most importantly, the world will be a purer, happier place to reside for awhile. Without all of the negativity that we give to ourselves & to others, can you imagine how we can change the world? When we are no longer engulfed in jealousy and self-hate, we can do powerful things.


Me & Memaw

Me, my beautiful friend Taylor, & my beautiful sister Kelci

Me & my beautiful friend Kate

Me & my beautiful friend Jamie

Me & my beautiful friend Leonor

Me & my beautiful friend Kings

Me & my beautiful friend Jessica

Me & my beautiful friends Laranda & Brystal

*there are so many other beautiful women who I am so proud of, am cheering on, & who have influenced my life, these are just a few* 🙂

You go girls.

Love & light,

Emily xoxo

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