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Okay guys… I’m just going to lay it all out there.

Sometimes other people’s achievements can really get under your skin… even your FRIEND’S achievements…

I used to feel this way too. It’s totally human, and it’s totally normal.

It’s not that I wasn’t actually happy for them, I was…BUT (here comes the but) their success somehow made me feel less-than. Like I wasn’t enough, or like I should have had that achievement, or just a plain ole sense of jealousy.

Ever felt that way?

I think we all have at one time or another.

I am very happy to say that I no longer feel this way – EVER. Any time I see an accomplishment from a deserving person, ESPECIALLY a friend or someone close to me, I feel SO GENUINELY HAPPY.

Let me give you some really great reasons why it is very, very good for YOU to be happy for others.

Reasons You NEED To Be Happy For Others:

It makes you more beautiful.

I’m serious. When have you ever met that man or woman who was so full of love and grace and thought to yourself “I sure wish he/she would stop being so loving, kind, and supportive. It’s hideous.”


It raises your vibration.

I’m talking next level stuff guys. When you can see the beauty in others and be GENUINELY happy for them, you’ve reached another realm of amazingness. Being happy for anything, others, yourself, life, ANYTHING will raise your energy levels and the wavelength you’re riding on.

Be conscious of the times you’re happy. Notice all of the good, amazing stuff that happens to you when you’re on a high energy level. Blessings will FLOW IN if you keep your vibration high and allow them to.

It brings more truly SUPPORTIVE people into your own life.

When God (sub universe or whatever fits your liking) sees you out there hustling, working hard for your dreams, and also being a loving friend, I can promise you he WILL bring those kinds of people into YOUR life.

Like attracts like. There is no getting away from that. So go ahead, be cruel, jealous, and angry that they have better opportunities than you, but I can guarantee you, that is not going to attract you anything except LESS opportunities and LESS supportive people.

All In All

Just be loving. Be kind. Be generous. Be happy for the person. Be a light in this world that doesn’t always shine.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


I know it’s hard… I know it’s a learning process… I know none of us will ever be perfect… but that’s where the beauty lies. In our imperfect souls that choose to see the beauty when others can’t seem to find it.

Love & light,

Emily xoxo

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