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~ My Story & My Approach ~

I've always been involved in sports, so being active came pretty naturally. At 15 I started modeling where I was constantly told to get thinner. Cardio was my best friend for awhile, & I became bulimic. 

This was a very difficult & daunting journey for me. 

I would go in & out of eating "healthy" to then binging & so on & so forth.

I started dabbling with lifting weights at 16, but still focused on cardio (mostly cycle class).

At 18 I began to recover from bulimia & started really focusing on lifting weights & finally getting healthy.

Ever since then it's been quite the journey when it comes to health & fitness. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 20, & for awhile that added a whole other level as I tried to navigate what was best for me.

I now practice everything in balance. I lift & workout hard so that I don't have to be quite as strict with my eating.

I finally love myself & am building a physique that I am extremely proud of & am absolutely in love with.

I could not say that in the past.

I am beyond grateful for what I've learned throughout this journey, & I am so excited for what's to come.

Throughout the years...

Constantly chasing "skinny"

Starting my fitness journey

Lifting weights/recovering from eating disorder

Diagnosed with MS/figuring it out

Unhappy. Stressed.

Most of 2020... learning balance.

Now <3 

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