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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

In 2017 I wrote out my goals & visualized them often. I didn’t save my goals sheet (which I recommend you DO; I’m doing that from here on out so that I can track my yearly progress! It’s fun & insightful seeing what you can accomplish in just a year), so I can’t post a photo of it, but I do remember some of them specifically. I had 10 major goals that year & here are the ones that I remember came true.

-Be in a TV show

-Become SAG eligible

-Make money online

-Star in a music video

-Lose 10 pounds while toning up

-Book an internet series

-Get signed with an agent

-Model for a brand

-All of these things actually happened. I’m so thankful!

However, in 2018 I leaped too big for the mindset I was in…

I decided I would do a vision board AND write out my goals, but I did it all wrong. I was using long term techniques. I put major goals such as: a house on the beach in Malibu, getting to help feed millions of people, get an Oscar, receive a $1,000,000 check, be featured in Maxim, Women’s Health, & Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, reach the top level of my company, have $10,000,000 in savings, etc… the 4 goals that came true in 2018 were: star in a feature film, have a strong relationship with my ex fiancé (we struggled in our relationship), have my own health company, and join the Screen Actors Guild. I’m very happy that those came true, and I know exactly why they did & the others did not.

I didn’t believe that they would.

I had so much resistance towards each of them. I never truly felt connected or like they would really happen in 2018. I knew someday they would, but it wasn’t the time. I had so much growth that needed to take place in my life. & that still needs to happen. So what did I learn through this?

Your vision board & goals have to seem realistic to you.

Yes, they can be huge goals & major dreams, but a dream without a plan is just a wish. You have to believe you can get there THIS YEAR. Not sometime in the future in a far off land.

I strongly recommend having 2 vision boards! One for the current year, & one for long term goals. I put all of my long term goals (including most of what I had put on my board for 2018) on a separate board that I’ll be circling around to every once in awhile.

The Keys To Creating A Vision Board THAT WORKS! 🙂

Decide what areas of your life you’d like to improve this year. I personally used career/business, finances, personal life (this includes love), body/health, & faith.

Create a realistic goal list for the year. I like to use 10 goals as my number, but it can be however many feels right to you. (I’ll be sharing my 2019 goals & vision board later)

Think & find words or phrases that help you identify HOW hitting this goal will make you feel & what it means to you.

Find images (you can search on the internet, in magazines, etc.) that stick out to you & help you connect with those specific goals. I personally use Google & just print the images.

Either print or write out your feeling words by each goal/vision. I did both.

Put your “why” or your biggest goal in the very center of your board. It should be your main focus. It could be your child, parents, business, spouse, or just your biggest goal. 🙂

Get after it! Get any form of a board (poster, cork, canvas, etc) and glue or tape your images in a visually pleasing manner.

Look at your board as often as you feel necessary. For me, I have to be constantly reminded of where I’m headed & what my goals are, so I look at it daily. When you look at it feel those emotions that having this come true will bring! Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference.

LASTLY, don’t stress about how they’ll happen! When you’ve already told the universe clearly what you want, & you are doing what you can to get it, you WILL get it. Possibly not in your time or in the way you thought it would happen, but it WILL happen.

Linking a video below of how I used the Law of Attraction to join the Screen Actors Guild! Click below to watch! <3


Happy Visualizing!!!

Love & light,

Emily xoxo

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