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I want to start by saying – I know I am blessed. I know there are millions of people who have it much more difficult than me, but that does not excuse me from going through rough patches and having difficult times in my life. Just a little disclaimer.

Now, let’s get to it.

About a year ago things were really, really tough.

Let me give you some insight. Maybe you can relate to some of my struggles …

My career wasn't as far along as I thought it’d be, my business hadn't taken off quite like I thought it would, my relationship ended, my health wasn't at it’s peak, I didn't feel motivated to exercise (unusual for me), my feet hurt constantly because I didn't get 2 seconds to just SIT DOWN & relax, my brain had so much going on that I was experiencing vertigo or a form of it, I had a stack of papers that I need to sort through, I called in sick before teaching a cycle class because my thoughts literally MADE ME PHYSICALLY ILL, my dad in prison kept calling for more $, books, packages, or for me to do some research on things he needed for trial, my mom & sister were both at very difficult times in their lives (I won’t give details since it’s their personal life, but I am impacted by their pain), I had just found out my best friend had to move back to Portugal in 2 weeks, &, my friend, the list GOES ON. But for the sake of your time & my mental wellbeing, I will stop here.

Can you relate to any of that? Or maybe a version of it?

I’m sure that if you’re not there right now, you have been before.

You know what it’s like to feel like everything is collapsing.

Like you’re suffocating.

Like you’re so far from having a life overflowing with blessings that you almost forgot what it feels like.

It’s like you’ve never really experienced really good times – like you’ve forgotten they exist.

I was in that place …

Until I reconnected with God.

(The universe, God, spirit, honestly, call it what best suits you. I am Christian, so I will say God most often.)

What I mean is, God has so much for us. He truly wants everything for you. Nothing against you.

The trials have a purpose. They build you, make you stronger, make you worthy of your future successes.

Isn’t that amazing?

You may be going through what seems like Hell right now, but if you can get through this, imagine how much STRONGER you’ll be.

You will need that strength for the next phase in life.

He truly is preparing you for what’s to come.

Things that helped me …

Daily prayer – it can be so easy to skip praying. I often get into a bad habit of saying short little prayers very randomly throughout the day, & neglecting to spend focused time talking (& LISTENING) to God. FOCUSED time is key. He needs your full attention. The short prayers are great, but they will not be what builds a deep, meaningful relationship with Him.

Worship music – this can be really any music that inspires your soul & connects you to your source. For me it’s sometimes pop to lift my mood up, but I usually listen to Christian inspired songs (I’m in love with Air1 Radio). There’s something about getting lost into beautiful beats & lyrics that really connects you to your inner guide (God). It helps you to release all of the negative energy & gives you a space to let loose.

Church – this could be church, meditation, yoga, or all of them. Whatever suits your soul. I noticed that when I felt my worst I wasn’t making church a priority. One Sunday I left a meeting & noticed there was a service starting in 20 minutes. I was sleep deprived & really wanted a nap, but instead I zoomed over to my church & I am SO GLAD that I did. My mood, energy, belief, & faith were all so lifted & inspired by the end of the service.

Don’t get stuck in your own pity party – misery loves company. The absolute worst thing you can do for yourself is harp on all of the things going wrong. What do you think that’s going to lead you to? You guessed it, more things going wrong. Do your best to focus on the good, while being proactive about your situation. I am not saying ignore your feelings. I actually encourage you to really feel those things, and use those feelings as your source of inspiration to MAKE A CHANGE.

Realize you are in control – this is your life. Your time. Your body. Your brain. Your resources. Your beliefs. Your human experience. Do what YOU CAN with it all! You may not be naturally fit, extremely wealthy, or have the perfect clothes, but you dang sure aren’t going to get far focusing on what you DON’T have. Use what you DO have to MAKE A CHANGE. This is your time. You have God on your side.

Give yourself love. Allow your light to shine. It’s okay if it’s a little dimmed right now, but don’t let yourself get stuck in that space.

You are too worth it for that.

God gave you potential, power, persistence, love – use it ALL.

Don’t let Him down, but even more-so, don’t let yourself down.

Love & light,

Emily xoxo

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