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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Hello everyone! This post is something that’s really been on my heart lately.

I have finally built up the courage to write it. First I would like to give you my reason for hesitation: Everyone’s story is different.

I want you to know that I know that all autoimmune is not created the same.

This blog post is really for anyone who has any sort of disease, sickness, impairment, etc. Not just autoimmune. I only title it autoimmune because that’s the one that I can relate with the most because in May of 2017 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

(PS I will be speaking in terms of autoimmune, but I am really speaking to any illness you may be experiencing.)

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis feels……weird…… You want to know “how did I get this?” “what did I do wrong?” “why did I deserve this punishment?” You ask yourself so many questions that NO ONE HAS ANY ANSWERS TO.

& you can’t help but think, “Well this sucks. I’m ill and no one can ever heal me.”

But that is where you’re wrong. That is a false belief.

We all, myself included, can’t help sometimes but to feel that way. We wake up and can’t feel one side of our body, can’t see out of an eye, feel itchy and smothered, get extremely tired, can’t walk, have brain fog, can hardly speak, feel nauseous, etc…. the list goes on…..

We go to the doctor and he says “We’ll need to put contrast through an IV to be able to see your lesions” and you think to yourself “oh, great, more unknown harmful substances going through my veins” but you do it anyway because you feel like you have to, and then the doctor says “Well, your MRI shows 2 new lesions. Your old lesions are inactive, though, so that’s good! Have you decided if you want to get on medication? It may or may not help you. Let us know.” & you think to yourself “what does this medicine even do?” & so you ask. They say something like “well, for some people it helps to limit disease activity. But for others it doesn’t work. And there are pretty bad side effects.”

So it’s up to you.

Do I take the medicine? Or do I trust that my body can heal itself?

To each their own.

If you are on medication, I hope that it is doing you good.

If you are not, I hope that you are not experiencing too many new symptoms.

I’m not a doctor, or a scientist, but I am a human.

A human with a real spiritual, mind/body connection. & I know fully that we can heal ourselves my friends.

Take the focus off of the disease. When you get a new symptom, thank your body for telling you you’re pushing it too hard.

When you want to give up and feel sorry for yourself, remember that your body is the most amazing & powerful resource on earth, and that it would never purposely hurt you. It’s doing everything it can to keep you alive, well, and breathing. It loves you, and it desperately wants you to love it back.

Focus on healing, abundance, love, beauty, kindness, patience, joy. Most of all, focus on the love that you have for your body and your mind. That you are so thankful that they are working so hard to keep you alive, and that you know you have to do your part and give them love.

Vow today that you will not criticize your body and mind.

I remember I used to get a new symptom and say to myself “Great, another symptom. What’s it gonna be next? This sucks.”

Now I say to my body, “You’re right, I’ve been pushing you too hard & giving you too much stress. What can I do to love you today?”

& that, my friends, has made all the difference.

(A little about my journey – I have always said no to medication. I truly believe that I can heal myself, even though they say it’s “incurable”. Who are they to tell me my body isn’t strong enough? Also, I have decided that unless something goes terribly wrong I will no longer be getting MRIs with contrast.)

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I am an open book.

I send you all of my love & healing.

Xoxo, Emily <3

Affirmation for healing: Thank you, body, for all of the good that you bring me. I am healthy, happy, and abundant. I have a vibrant body and vibrant mind that are always working in my favor. All is well in my body.

Me & mom

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