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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you’ve either 1. “lived for the world” in the past or 2. are currently “living for the world”. Sound familiar? I think this quote can help explain what I mean…

“May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong”

It’s not always easy to follow God… to have morals… to say “no” to the world.

Quick disclaimer: I refuse to discriminate against any other human in pretty much any way, including religion. I’m just sharing what I believe to be true & the way that I choose to live. If you have any questions about God, faith, the law of attraction, or Christianity please don’t hesitate to reach out.

But it’s worth it.

When I was 11 I introduced my family to Procter Baptist Church in Port Arthur, Texas. We all started going together. I didn’t quite understand why, but I knew I liked it. I went to a camp called “M-FUGE” (mission fuge) every year from age 11-18. I learned a lot from that camp… what a joy it is to serve others… what having a relationship with God means… & how much FUN you can have doing it! <3 It’s FUN being close to the creator, always having someone to talk to, being in a community of people who are all aiming to live their best life (okay not all, but you definitely meet a lot of them), never being alone, always having hope & security that things would work out.

At age 13 I was saved when my sister’s baby, Maison, was stillborn. I thought “something this beautiful can’t be withered away”, he must still have life somewhere. Baby Maison’s heart beat only a couple of times, and they were unable to bring him back. I refuse to believe that was all of the life he would experience.


Baby Maison, my nephew. RIP little angel.

Years went on being close to God. I always felt beautiful, powerful, strong… for the most part. I definitely still had my insecurities and downfalls… but I always had this sense of peace in my life.

Then things changed. I got engaged a week before moving to Los Angeles. He did not move with me at the time. When my father was no longer able to support me due to being incarcerated (I feel the need to say – don’t worry, he’s an amazing man and I believe he’ll be let out soon), I had to move back to Texas for the summer until I could save up enough to come back to LA. Bryce and I had planned to get married that summer before moving to LA together, but we decided to wait until my dad was out so he could walk me down the aisle.

& this was all the beginning of a period of my life that I call……… living for the world.

First my dad was incarcerated, then I moved in with my fiance without getting married, then I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, then I fell fairly deep into debt, and the list goes on. Honestly, I feel so grateful for this time period because it’s led me to the woman I am today, but it was the loneliest, most unfulfilling time period that I’ve ever gone through.

I decided after a couple of years of research and using only the law of attraction, never paying attention to God, that I would try going to church. I knew something was missing, but I felt like I didn’t really deserve to have a relationship with God anymore due to the way I had been living. I was living only for the world.

So I went. & it. was. amazing.

I went to a church called “Radius”; their tagline is “A church for people who feel church is irrelevant.” I was like “OH MY GOSH WHY HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT ON THIS?!” I was completely hooked! I’ve gone to church every week since then, & I even did an 8 week program called “Starting Point” so that I could get all of my really hard questions answered.

So what am I saying here?

Well, first of all… how true is this Bible verse? It may as well be a quote!

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11

Anything worth having takes DISCIPLINE. Yes, to be a true, God-fearing Christian you must have discipline. But guess what?


Think about it….

to lose weight – discipline

to get healthy – discipline

to go to bed on time – discipline

getting your dream career – discipline

saving & being smart with money – discipline

being in a relationship – discipline


& I can tell you, from a woman who was close to God, to completely wanting nothing to do with Him, to now living FOR Him…… Life is SO much better when you have a relationship with God.

Here are some perks. In case you need to see the benefits clearly. 🙂

He gives you guidance for every problem

He gives you guidance for every question

You are NEVER alone

You ALWAYS have someone to talk to

He wants the very BEST for your life

He wants the very BEST for your family’s lives

He takes on all your worry!

You’re in a judgement free zone

You can now love your body because he made you perfect!


When I wasn’t following Jesus I always felt an empty space in my life. Living for the world DOES NOT FULFILL YOU.

You’ll notice that all of the very successful people in this world do AT LEAST one of the two (usually both).

Give insane amount of money & resources to those in need

Follow God & thank Him for their success

Any smart person will tell you that living for worldly things satisfies you for a moment, and then you have to find something else to satisfy you….. worldly things to not fill the gap.

I hope this gave you some sort of insight on what to do… for my final words I’ll say – It’s scary to declare you are serving a higher purpose, to deny the world after living for it for so long. It takes courage, strength, dignity, a strong heart & mind. BUT IT’S WORTH IT.

& you’re not alone.

Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life. Isaiah 14:27

Love & light,

Emily xoxo

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